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Social Distancing Products and Level 3

Make your workspace safe.

As the government has stated, we will be transitioning down to an alert level 3 on Monday 27th of April. However, we must still limit our interactions with others and maintain social distancing to keep up our defence against COVID-19. The safety and wellbeing of our customers, staff, and community remains our highest priority.

For this reason our showroom will remain closed until further notice. However, "Click and collect" is now available and you may still come by our showroom to collect your order. Our sales consultants are also still able to take online, email and phone orders. All deliveries made will be contactless.

Many of us are now looking for ways to get back into the workspace during this transitional period. We here at McGreals are here to make this process easy for you.

The simplest way to reduce the risk of infection in offices is by adding to or re-configuring existing workstations.

The focus of this should be:
  • To introduce impervious barriers between workers, where it isn’t reasonably practicable for your business to implement the 2 metre distance
  • To space workers apart where possible to achieve the government standard 2 metre distancing
  • To provide easy access to sanitization products such as hand sanitizer and any necessary PPE
  • Make your workspace easy to clean and disinfect daily
Some possible ways of achieving the objectives above are:
  • Adding easy-clean acrylic partitions between workpoints and at ends of runs
  • Adding extensions to the top of existing partitions to make them at least 1500mmH above floor
  • Spacing workstations apart with storage units
  • Including sanitisation stations near workpoints
  • Replacing absorbent fabric surfaces with easy clean surfaces such as laminate or plastic wherever possible.

Below are some possible solutions to make your workspace compliant during this period. Please be sure to contact us at or call 09 307 5290 should you have any questions.

View the Full Brochure here.