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Aria 2 User System
Aria 2 User System with Acrylic Screen

Aria Pod System

This product is only available upon request. Contact us for a quote.

A minimalistic desk pod system to accommodate multiple users. Floating tops and steel hoop legs in your choice of colour giving you the ability to create a personalised work environment.


  • 90 degree configurations:
    • 1200L x 1200L x 600-650D
    • 1500L x 1500L x 600-650D
    • 1600L x 1600L x 600-650D
    • 1800L x 1800L x 600-700D
  • 120 degree configurations
    • 1200L x 1200L x 600-650D
  • Bench style configuration
    • 1200L x 700D
    • 1500L x 700D
    • 1600L x 700D
    • 1800L x 700-800D

Warranty: 5 years