10 Reasons Why You Need an Ergonomic Chair

10 Reasons Why You Need an Ergonomic Chair

As we spend larger amounts of our life seated at our desks having an ergonomic chair becomes increasingly important to maintain a healthy posture. Ergonomically designed chairs have been around for a long time, but are becoming more popular in office spaces with people becoming increasingly focused on their wellness and posture. We like to think we know a thing or two about well designed chairs. Here are out top reasons you should consider upgrading to an ergonomic chair.

ergonomic office chair

Improving your posture

Ergonomic chairs help promote good posture by supporting the natural curves in your spine. When it comes to the comfort, stability and function of your chair, ergonomic seating is a key feature as found by researchers. Improved posture can be shown to enhance happiness and productivity.

Keep your head raised and level with your screen

Ergonomic chairs allow you to work in a very upright position that prevents your head from dropping forward and causing neck pain, which is common when sitting at a desk with poor posture.

Prevent back pain caused by sitting

Ergonomic chairs support the natural curve of your lower back, which reduces strain on the lower back muscles and disks when you sit for long periods. Lower back pain is one of the biggest concerns for office workers.

Improve breathing and overall well being

Ergonomic chairs have been shown to provide many benefits for people who have back pain or poor posture. These chairs offer numerous other health benefits such as improved blood circulation, increased oxygen levels and improved bone density. Experts recommend that people who are seated for long periods should try to vary their position every 30 to 45 minutes.

Suitable for long periods of working

There’s a reason why good well-designed furniture is an investment, and that’s because it lasts much longer than other types of furniture. When working, you can spend at least 8 hours to a day in your chair. A poorly designed or made chair will not last long with this level of constant use.

Adjustable and Adaptable

Great office furniture has flexibility. Every team member in your office is likely to be different in both shape and size. Adjustable office seating can be modified to meet the specifications of your employees. The most important adjustments to look out for include seat tilt, lumbar support, height and headrests. 

Need more advice on Ergonomic seating?

Luckily, we are experts on the features and benefits of ergonomic seating. Feel free to get in touch with one of the team today for any guidance or advice. We have a great range of seating options for all body shapes and use situations. Alternatively, sit-stand desks are a great option for workers who want to reduce their sitting time.