Back to school with McGreals!

Back to school with McGreals!

Due to the changing dynamics of the education sector, schools and universities are leaning towards versatile and concise spaces that offer maximum functionality.

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On that note, to excel in school, students need seating and spatial design that supports their performance. A little bit of effort goes a long way when students have access to the right resources.

In addition to excelling in all other sectors, McGreals is committed to working for the community, especially for children and young adults.

Our experience includes designing school receptions, board rooms, offices and libraries for various educational institutions. While carrying out a fit out, we possess the skills and design capabilities to do it right. To fit each client perfectly, our sales & design consultants offer site visits and measure ups, understand the clients' needs, and then suggest and customize just the products they require.

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It's all customisable with McGreals. The possibilities are endless in terms of shape, style, and color. Our range of products is wide and can almost fit every need.

Let us take you through what we have to offer –

The ako range is perfect for storage and seating needs. There is a great balance between the practicality and the attractiveness of this range. Most of these products are placed on castors to increase mobility. The durability and quality of its design make it an ideal storage solution for kids. The whiteboard on castors creates more flexibility in the classroom, reducing clutter and maximizing space. In addition the storage collection the range offers a mobile bag stand, to keep those bags off the floor and safely out the way.

Kids can benefit from the acoustic desk screen when they need more quiet settings in the classroom. The acoustic panels could be a great addition to schools. They are sound absorbing and aesthetic at the same time and come in a wide range of colors.

In reception and common seating areas the modular block seating  helps to be both functional and design worthy at the same time.

The motion arc seating is perfect for smaller groups to have brainstorming sessions while keeping it private, we all know geniuses are born out of booths.

The student desk has storage solutions that help students easily tuck away and store their unwanted books safely into their desks. They are designed to be sleek and avoid clutter.

The slim chair is high-stacking linkable community chair and can be used to convert a room into almost anything once they are stacked away in the corner.

Finally let’s not forget about storage solutions, they are a must when it comes to schools & universities. Using the Mascot locker range will prove to be beneficial to solve storage issues.