Check Out These Dazzling Home Office Hacks: Tips for your home office.

Check Out These Dazzling Home Office Hacks: Tips for your home office.

Most of us spend the large part of our day at work. A great office setup is an important part of staying productive, especially when you’re working from home. When creating your workspace, you want it to be comfortable, inspiring and upbeat. Here we share some of our favorite home office ideas that will help you create a perfect space that lets you work better and stay happier!


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Desk positioning

There are lots of little desk adjustments we can make in order to boost our productivity. Make sure you position your monitor so that you don't have to stretch your arms to read or write. With a correct desk positioning when you sit up straight, your forearms should be parallel to the ground and your wrists shouldn't bend up or down when you're working. Many modern desks and tables have adjustable height, with a growing number having electric sit stand capability.

A good chair

In the same way, a great deal of furniture does not encourage proper posture - particularly dining chairs, since they are often at the wrong height and don’t encourage a comfortable upright posture.

If it's in your budget, get an office chair especially designed for your body and workspace. These typically go for $300 and up; there are also cheaper office chairs that will do the job.

Good office lighting

There’s no perfect formula for office lighting, and office lighting isn’t just about aesthetics — it’s about productivity. It’s about how well you can see your environment and allowing direct or indirect light to illuminate your workspace.

Keep your space tidy

A messy room will cause many people to lose focus and procrastinate. Get a file cabinet and use binder folders and pen pots and paper trays to keep things organized and off your workspace. It's possible to maximise your offices vertical space by using cabinets, shelving or wall mounted task boards.

Clutter piles up fast. Invest a little bit of time in cleaning each week to ensure mess doesn't accumulate.