It's time to take a stand!

It's time to take a stand!

Are you ready to take your work place to the next level? Sit stand desks are becoming more popular than ever due to the substantial proven health benefits associated with standing. Health benefits including lower risk of obesity and cancer, longer life, and of course, better posture. The simple process of using a sit-stand desk and switching between a seated and standing position as often as possible is a great way to increase your productivity, improve your fitness and maximise work output and performance. Here are some of McGreals sit-stand products to help you rise to the occasion!



Increased blood circulation

Sit-stand desks help stimulate blood circulation, improving your state of mind, productivity levels and blood pressure. By shifting regularly between a sitting and standing position the body can send more blood to the brain. Additionally, standing is shown to assist metabolic function, helping you burn calories.

Engage key muscle groups

Standing is of course also a weight-bearing exercise, vital for helping improve posture and bone health. Regularly standing while you work helps reduce the common slump that causes back and neck pain.

Improved performance

When standing up you are more confident and focused. Standing means you can stretch out and straighten your back - improving the flow of blood and oxygen through your body. Standing desks are great for phone calls, where many people have a natural tendency to move their feet or walk while engaged in a stressful or difficult phone call. Users also report improved creativity, collaboration and performance. Many sit-stand desk users report improved sleep due to increased physical exertion during working hours.
summit electric desk
The Summit desk pictured above allows users to alternate easily between sitting and standing with smooth silent path, perfect for collaborative spaces. Available as fixed or electric height adjustable, and single or pod form. 4 different standard in-desk power options make it easy to specify softwiring in your projects. Multiple standard accessory options for ultimate flexibility at each workspace. It's also available in a pod system, with shared sub frame, minimising coworker disturbance. 
 bounce stool
The Bounce stool is an active and engaging self balancing stool allowing the user to engage muscles and posture while at the desk. Aligning with the sit-stand desk system, the 3 button gas-spring lift gives the ability to be at standard desk height, or sit at a standing desk as the height adjusts from 595mm - 840mm
Agile Electric Desk
The Agile desking System offers fixed height, winder and electric height adjustable solutions that are designed to work in the same places you do. Simple change from sitting to standing, available in a variety of colours to suit any space.

These adjustable desks allow users to sit and stand while working with ease. Featuring a digital height readout with 4 point memory, adjust the height of your desk with a touch of a button. It allows you to program your favourite seated and standing positions for ease of use.

Many progressive businesses are using sit-stand systems in collaborative offices, management spaces, meeting areas or at home. The understated simplicity of the Agile range allows users to quickly alternate between seated and standing work positions.

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