McGreals - One Stop Shop for Architects & Interior Designers

McGreals - One Stop Shop for Architects & Interior Designers

Need to make sure your commercial fit-out hits all the right notes, and lives up to the vision of your design? McGreals has the expertise, the products, and the flexibility to make the process as smooth and rewarding as possible. We provide a centralised place for interior designers, specifiers and architects to take the project from conception to execution.

How do we work?

The process begins when you contact one of our Design Consultants and talk through exactly what you need. Once you have a consultant, they’ll keep in contact with you all the way though; no need to keep switching points of contact and explaining things over and over. Once you’ve had this chat, our team will take those requirements, work out a series of recommendations, and do a detailed mock-up of the plan, complete with a quote. The team at McGreals is experienced in materials, furniture functionality, and spatial design. We have spatial design specialists and design consultants on staff, and we can provide suggestions and advice on every aspect of the fit-out, from the furniture choices to the general layout of the space. As part of this recommendation process, we like to get a solid understanding of the space and how it’s going to be used. After all, a space should function well over and above everything else.

Obviously, these spaces aren’t just about furniture, either. Truly dynamic, living workspaces are our goal, and we aim to provide products that support needs that go beyond simple desks and chairs. If you have clients that are looking to upgrade their setup or change their work space to include more specific needs—such as monitor arms for electric desks, sliders, or even acoustic sound absorbing panels—you should get in touch.

Every product we provide for commercial fit-outs is guaranteed to be of the highest standards. We pride ourselves on sourcing only the best quality furniture and other products from our various suppliers, and a large amount of our products are NZ-made. Supporting local businesses is always on our mind, and that goes for both ends of the process. All our products also include a 5-15 year warranty, so you can always be sure of their quality and that you’ll be receiving post-fit support.

One important point to remember about all of the above is that we value our clients’ ability to customise anything and everything. No matter what you decide works for your planned space, we can match colours on products, have furniture sizes changed, and even swap out the fabrics on furniture for something else entirely. Most customisations are possible with a little discussion and few limitations, and we usually seek to have them completed 15-20 working days. Our primary concern is that the end result for you is a workspace which fits the design and the purpose, and our flexible, customisable approach is key to that end.

We seek to provide a complete end-to-end experience for you from the moment you speak to a consultant. As mentioned earlier, working with McGreals means dealing with the same point of contact from start to finish. You have a single Design Consultant with you all the way through, talking with you about design choices, coordinating with suppliers, handling customisation requests, and making sure the whole process causes little to no stress for you. After all, these projects are stressful enough even when they go according to plan!


To that end, we make sure to work closely with you on everything from the initial brief and design conception, to the sourcing of materials, through the actual manufacturing process, and on to the actual delivery and installation. We even work with you to get high-quality photographs of the finished fit-out to cap things off. Our goal is to be an all-in-one solution for any and all of your commercial fit-outs, one place to go for all the expertise, quality products, and professional results you need, so you can avoid running back and forth. We’ve been in the market for a long time, we know the ins-and-outs, and we can use our knowledge to benefit your project.

If you’re an architect, specifier, or interior designer with a project on the boil, speak to us today about how we can make the entire process much easier and more fulfilling.