Prepare for the move to hybrid workplaces with McGreals

Prepare for the move to hybrid workplaces with McGreals

The world has changed a lot over the past few years. With the impacts of the pandemic continuing to be felt across NZ and the world, more and more businesses have been opening up to the long term benefits of hybrid working. To keep pace with this shift in priorities, businesses are increasingly looking to repurpose their office spaces in ways that best accommodate a workforce that splits their company time between home and office.

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The new design paradigm leans towards livelier, more flexible office spaces, with ample access to storage facilities, dedicated locations for teleconferencing, and a focus on comfortable break out areas. Here at McGreals, we can help to transform your office spaces to suit the future of your workforce. We’re all about creating dynamic workspaces, and you can talk to us to discuss the best way to upgrade or change your existing setup. This goes well beyond just the desks and chairs; our expertise extends to everything from silent pods, to comfortable break out areas, to acoustic panelling.

How can you best incorporate the concepts of a dynamic, hybrid friendly workplace into your offices? The key is purposeful design. Picking furniture that encourages staff to actively engage and enjoy their time in the office will create a positive and productive work environment which will, in the long run, improve your business.

Consider investing in smart storage solutions to accommodate those staff members who choose to split their time between the home and the office. Making it easy to move from one location to the other by having storage options like our Mascot lockers, or the Cubit Credenza, means everyone feels catered no matter their work life choices. A variety of sizes and shapes allows you to put together a storage solution to suit your business needs.

 Access to soft seating like our funky rectangular ottomans gives staff a fun and lively break out space to avoid the monotony of a classic office design. Similarly, adding modern and space-efficient pieces like bar leaners to your lunch spaces creates an inviting area where staff will be happy to spend their time. In terms of work areas, customisable desks, like those featured in our Energy Pod System, can help you to craft a workspace that hits on an aesthetic and comfort level, without compromising on base function.

To truly begin to combine the worlds of home and office, we can help you install acoustic panels and pods to create new private areas that are perfect for Zoom calls. Having silent pods can also be a practical solution if you don’t have the office space for a large meeting room.

If you’re looking for assistance with your home office setup, McGreals can also help you design and furnish your ideal working from home space, so that you can seamlessly divide your time between locations. One very popular option is an electric sitting and standing desk, which gives you the flexibility to work however you feel most comfortable. Storage is a vital part of the hybrid working puzzle here as well, as is having the right kind of seating. Having an adjustable and supportive chair will make those long days more comfortable.

Key to the McGreals design experience is that we’re with you through the whole process of designing your new flexible workplace. Work with one of our design consultants from the initial brief all the way to the final execution, without having to worry about changing points of contact and disrupting the process. Everything is fully customisable to your specifications, as well, from the colours, to the fabric, to the sizes of individual pieces. Our furniture is all of the highest quality, and most of our pieces are New Zealand made. 

If you’re in need of a transformational upgrade to your office space, and you want to build something that will support the shift to hybrid work lifestyles, speak to us today. We can help you to design the perfect environment to boost productivity and keep your staff happy.