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Energy Workstation

Energy Workstation

This product is only available upon request. Contact us for a quote.

Fixed height at 720H. Twin curve internal corner. Integrated cable dump trays in both directions. Base Frames are available in White or Silver powder coat finish.


  • 1500L/700D x 1500L/700D
  • 1500L/800D x 1500L/800D
  • 1800L/700D x 1800L/700D
  • 1800L/800D x 1800L/800D
  • 2000L/700D x 2000L/700D
  • 2000L/800D x 2000L/800D
  • 2400L/700D x 2400L/700D
  • 2400L/800D x 2400L/800D

Warranty: 10 years