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  • Park Pod - McGreals
  • Park Pod - McGreals
  • Park Pod - McGreals
  • Park Pod - McGreals
  • Park Pod - McGreals
  • Park Pod - McGreals
  • Park Pod - McGreals
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Park Pod

This product is available upon request. Please get in touch with us for a quote.

The Park family is a range of lightweight modular office pods. They are designed to form 'touch-down' work units that utilize space in the most economical way while still providing a comfortable experience for the user.

The dynamic curved shape is visually appealing while providing maximum space and comfort for each occupant. Units are designed to be next snugly with other family members.

It's nature-inspired. biophilic design principles can contribute to resilience from stress in the workplace. 

The soft upholstered sides absorb sound and create a quieter, calmer work environment where the user can 'park' for a short drop-in. It is ideal for short periods of focused work away from the workstation in an open-plan environment - which leads to increased engagement and productivity.

The park pod is a cost-effective, flexible alternative to permanent meeting or quiet rooms.

Available in two formats. The Park Move is on castors, making it easy to move around the office or the Park Connect is on gliders, a more static placement.

Featuring a stylish design language - wave top effect, enhanced by upholstered sides that wrap snuggly around the user.

Connectivity - clean and integrated cable management for all connections and devices, USB, power, data, HDMI, Quick install, plug-in, relocate 

Designed in New Zealand


  • High-quality materials and premium upholstery for long-lasting durability.
  • Light-weight E0 frame, water-based glues
  • Worktops available in Standard Melteca (LPL) with edgebanding, and Futura (European Birch HPL).
  • Power Data is excluded in standard pricing, please enquire.
  • Internal routing provided; assumes floor-sourced power connection
  • Units nest for economical shipping

Dimensions (mm): 

Park Connect -

Single pod: 1315L x 1040D x 1200H

2 person: 2575L x 1570D x 1200H

3 person: 3838L x 1570D x 1200H

4 person: 5100L x 1570D x 1200H


Park Move -

Single pod: 1315L x 1020D x 720H