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  • Partitions Seachange Screen
  • Partitions Seachange Screen
  • Partitions Seachange Screen
  • Partitions Seachange Screen
  • Partitions Seachange Screen
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Seachange Screen

This product is available upon request. Please get in touch with us for a quote.

Our oceans are filled with plastic, most of it from single use packaging. Some of it you cannot see, it has degraded into microbeads, but it’s still there, entering the marine food chain and causing havoc. It is estimated that in the Pacific, between California and Hawaii, there is a swirling ball of plastic and plastic microbeads roughly twice the size of Texas. It has been dubbed the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Most of it is the wonder plastic of this century, PET.

PET is a marvel; durable, inert, recyclable and capable of being reused into a wide array of functional products, but if it is in the oceans it is in the wrong place. Put it back in the right place…in your office environment. Our 100% PET screens are made of fully recycled PET which has been remelted, turned into a spun microfilament and then pressed and moulded into elegant functional floor mounted screens.

Seachange screens come in modules which can be joined together in straights and curves with plantation grown timber joiners. They provide non-structural acoustic and visual barriers and can be quickly moved to allow a quick change of office space, suited to today’s dynamic work environment.

Colour: Charcoal and light grey

Straight screen size (mm)

  • 450 x 1160H
  • 500 x 1160H
  • 560 x 1400H

Curved screen size (mm)

  • 206 x 206 x 1160H
  • 960 x 1400H

Please contact us here for configurations and price.

Warranty: 10 Years